Got any fresh idea on how to improve your students’ learning outcomes? BEST welcomes proposals to improve student learning at the SCHOOL, DISTRICT and DIVISION levels from the BEST regions through the BEST Innovation Grant.

BEST has launched an Innovation Grant, a new funding facility  designed to encourage new (from local perspectives) and demand-driven approaches to improve student learning in schools within the BEST regions. The intent is to work collaboratively with DepEd and other implementing partners to identify opportunities for innovation at the school, district and division levels that complement DepEd goals and which can be sustained and scaled up to meet specific purposes. The Grant will test new as well as proven ideas or project schemes at the local level which are worth replicating in other regions.  Proposals must reflect the priority areas that meet both DepEd and BEST objectives to help

  • improve the quality of teaching and learning in school and non-school settings;
  • improve access for highly marginalized populations to learning centres; 
  • promote employment among senior high school students through linkages with industry, and pro-active partnership between DepEd and TESDA to strengthen the Alternative Learning System (ALS); and
  • promote synergy among school actors/stakeholders or education core areas (i.e. curriculum, governance, stakeholder participation, continuum of education from early childhood, kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, to senior high school levels).

Read the Innovation Grant brochure

Download the proposal template

Send your proposal on or before 31 October 2018 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..