BEST worked with DepEd and the Philippine National Research Center for Teacher Quality (RCTQ) in enriching and finalizing a policy for the nationally-validated Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers (PPST).

 The Australian Embassy, BEST and RCTQ participated with DepEd in launching the PPST during the National Teachers’ Day celebration in Legazpi City on October 5, 2017. The new standards define what competencies constitute teacher quality both in pre-service and in-service education, and in the context of the K to 12 reform. 

Australian Embassy First Secretary Nigel Bruce spoke at the launch of the evidence-based and nationally-validated Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers (PPST) at the National Teachers Day celebration in Legazpi City.

"The PPST is a fantastic new framework that aligns the curriculum for teacher training to the K-12 program. It will help prepare effective teachers, and support the enhancement of teacher practice across four Career Stages in terms of nationally and internationally recognised teacher quality. This reform will bring DepED, CHED and Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs) even closer together and provide mechanisms to TEIs to produce teachers to meet the demands of the K-12 curriculum," Australian Embassy First Secretary Nigel Bruce said at the PPST launch before thousands of teachers from all DepEd regions.

For more information on the PPST, read DepEd DO 42, s.2017