Program Steering Committee (PSC)

Rotating Chairs
  • FSC Secretary, DepEd
  • Deputy Head of Mission, Australian Embassy
  • Regional Operations & Governance, DepEd (Executive Sponsor)
  • Counsellor - Education Australian Embassy
  • Chairperson, CHED
  • Director General, TESDA
  • Deputy Director General, NEDA
  • Australian Embassy Portfolio Manager - National
  • Australian Embassy Portfolio Manager Sub-National
  • ACTRC, RCTQ, PBED, PBSP, FC, CHED representatives
  • BEST Program Support & Coordinating Office.
Advisory Group
  • Senior Trade Commissioner, Austrade
  • DOLE
  • Academe Representatives
  • DTI
  • National Competitiveness Council Rep

Role and Responsibilities

  • 1Set the directions/priorities and policy guidance for BEST.
  • 2Ensure the alignment of BEST with broader policy directions and priorities.
  • 3Identify implications of BEST outcomes to policy formulation process in relation to the broader education context.
  • 4Identify sectoral-level risks and challenges to implementation and provide advice on how best to manage these risks.
  • 5Provide advice/decision on specific matters that the Program Management Committee (PMC) will bring to its attention.

Program Management Committee (PMC)

Rotating Chairs
  • Regional Operations & Governance, DepEd (Executive Sponsor)
  • Counsellor – Education Section, Aus Emb
  • Regional Operations & Governance, DepEd (Executive Sponsor)
  • External Affairs, DepEd
  • OSEC, DepEd
  • Planning, DepEd(Deputy Executive Sponsor)
  • NCR, DepEd
  • Region V, DepEd
  • OIC Region VI, DepEd
  • Region VII, DepEd
  • Region VIII, DepEd
  • Region X, DepEd
  • CHED
  • Australian Embassy Portfolio Manager
  • BEST Team Leader
  • Therese Bustos ACTRC Co-Directors
  • Marlyn Balagtas RCTQ Co-Directors
  • PBSP Executive Director
  • PBEd President
  • Program Support & Coordinating Office representatives (Cardno and DepEd PMO)
  • DepEd and CHED TWG reps

Role and Responsibilities

  • 1Provide guidance on areas of priorities for the annual plan to be discussed at the PSC.
  • 2Approve annual plans including any adjustments to the plan during the year.
  • 3Review progress against objectives. (To aid in this function, PMC members may opt to participate in Program review missions.)
  • 4Identify program-level and challenges and provide advice on how best to manage these risks.
  • 5Provide advice on specific matters that the implementing working groups will bring to its attention.

Implementation Group


Role and Responsibilities

  • 1Facilitate cooperation and communication among the implementing partners.
  • 2Develop the Annual Plan in a participatory manner.
  • 3Provide guidance to operationalise the approved Annual Plan
  • 4Facilitate approvals of outputs (including research) to various DepEd/CHED committees (eg Program Committee).
  • 5Oversee implementation and manage risks.
  • 6Contribute inputs to reporting (through the 6-monthly progress report process).
  • 7Provide advice and recommendations to the PSCO, PMC and PSC as required.
  • 8The whole IG meets at least quarterly.
  • 9The TWGs would meet as often as needed.

Cardno Reps: Operations Manager, Deputy Operations Manager Other members of the operations Team

DepEd Project Management Team


Role and Responsibilities

  • 1Develop and implement policies and business processes for effective and efficient delivery of activities (quality management systems).
  • 2Resource the Program through sub-contracting of service providers and manage these contracts.
  • 3Organise meetings (including venues and other administrative arrangements).
  • 4Providing secretariat support to PSC, PMC and IC.
  • 5Coordinate the conduct of reviews and evaluations.


Cardno Reps: M&E Specialist, Regional M&E Specialists

M&E focal from implementing partners

DepEd M&E Team


Role and Responsibilities

  • 1Revise the BEST M&E Framework and Plan.
  • 2Design M&E Systems for effective and efficient collection of information and reporting.
  • 3Identify and develop baseline studies.
  • 4Consolidate inputs from TWGs/implementing partners about achievements (for 6 monthly progress reports)
  • 5Coordinate the conduct of reviews and evaluations.